This post helps you to understand basic concept of WordPress development.


1) Compatibility: - Wordpress is the most popular and powerful network and it is very easy to operate also. You should check all things with your hosting provider.

It should be PHP integrated and it should have MYSQL also, version 5.0 or greater.

Because of WordPress is being most famous in bloggers and working IT professional web hosting companies now a day’s provide one key installation pack. 

2) Performance: - You should always choose the best hosting company that will provide better performance for your Wordpress sites. If your performance will remain effective and good, then it provides good results to search engine as well.

3) Security: - Security is one of the key features to look for when going to choose WordPress development. You should ensure that your Wordpress site is secure enough. 

4) 24*7 Support: - Most web hosting companies provides 24*7 supports, all day, all night with email, telephone, ticket system or chat support. So, you should choose a web hosting company carefully which provide you with all services.