In my last topic we discussed about responsive web design. In this post we will talk about the most trending topics now a day that is, SEO strategies.  Many webmasters are worried about how to get traffic or  how to boost keyword ranking? The answer of this question is my current post. Today, I mention some points here that will help you lot achieve SEO keyword ranking.


Top 5 SEO Tips in 2015

Update your content regularly – This is the first and most important tip I can give you, as per my personal experience, if you update your content regularly,  then there are more chances to index your site faster and then it will provide you with good results. If you want to get a fast keyword ranking from search engine update your content,  Whether it is an article or a blog.

Put a video in your post – This is the recently going trend that webmaster should pay attention to it. Put a video in your post or article will attract search engine bots and gives your post gives an extra exposure, because putting video in a post is more effective than putting 500 words.

Create Powerpoint Presentation :- Many of you think that creating a powerpoint presentation will not give you boost, but this is not true, believe me, if you create graphically good slides with pictures and content it will surely give you good results in serp. 


Fetch as google tool:- If you want to index your site quickly and faster then then you can do it from google webmaster tools. After you add your web address on this tool, it will immediately index and crawl your website.

Build Natural Links: - This is one of the most common and useful strategies to improve the ranking of your website. Try to build backlinks form .edu or with .gov domain. Don’t go for building 1000 of links rather than focus on quality 100 links in a month.

I hope this post of mine will help you achieving good results from search engines. Do read my other posts.