Now a day, there is a need arise of getting more and more traffic from search engines, without it you cannot survive in the internet world.  In this post we will learn how to increase blog traffic in 2015. I will provide you some tips to earn traffic to your blog from my past experience.


First of all, I want to clear one thing to all of you that be update with Search engine algorithm and SEO updates before reading this post.

Top 5 tips to increase blog traffic 

1. Consider setting Alexa Widget: - Alexa is the most popular and helpful SEO tool, add the Alexa widget to your blog as it keeps a record of hits and impression. This tool will definitely help you increase your blog traffic to a great extent. 

2. Generate Quality Links: - This is the most popular technique to gain traffic, generate quality links from a reputed website; you can gain backlinks easily by most popular websites like olx, Quikr etc. and through participating in questions and answer communities.

3. Earn Traffic from forums: - There are many forums available on the internet which will provide you good amount of traffic on your blog. You just have to search it with your industry niche. You will get a list of forums, register on it follow the forum's rules and regulations and that’s it.

4. Become a social media freak: - After you follow above mention 3 points, then it will be mandatory for you to become a social media freak. Make accounts on some most popular social media websites and promote your blog post. It will give you genuine and huge traffic.

5. Take help from online communities: - You can gather the heavy amount of traffic by taking part in some of the well known online communities. You can engage people with your services, product you offer. 

In this post we learnt about some techniques which will boost your blog traffic.  Feel free to comment if you further like to discuss anything or want to know more about Best SEO Company in South Delhi