How accurate are clearblue digital

How accurate are clearblue digital

How accurate is Clearblue digital test?

Clearblue is easy to use digital pregnancy test product, over 99% accurate from the day of your expected period.

Can Clearblue digital pregnancy test be wrong?

Most home pregnancy tests are reliable, for example Clearblue’s tests have an accuracy of over 99% from the day you expect your period, and while it’s possible a test showing a negative result is wrong , particularly if you’re testing early, getting a false positive is extremely rare.

How accurate is Clearblue Digital before missed period?

In clinical testing, Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test detected the pregnancy hormone in 51% of women when testing 5 days before their missed period (4 days before the expected period ), 82% at 3 days before the expected period , 90% at 2 days before the expected period and 95% at one day before the expected period .

What level of hCG does Clearblue Digital detect?

The level of hCG in your body increases in the early stages of pregnancy. Clearblue ® Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown can detect tiny amounts of this hormone in your urine (the sensitivity of this test is 25mIU/ml).

How do you self check your stomach for pregnancy?

Walk your fingers up the side of her abdomen (Figure 10.1) until you feel the top of her abdomen under the skin. It will feel like a hard ball. You can feel the top by curving your fingers gently into the abdomen . Figure 10.1 With the woman lying on her back, begin by finding the top of the uterus with your fingers.

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Can you get a false negative digital pregnancy test?

If the molecules do not bond with any hCG, you get a negative result. However, because hCG levels are very low early in pregnancy and ramp up as your pregnancy progresses, it’s possible to get a negative test result (but actually be pregnant ) if you test too early.

Are early pregnancy tests worth it?

“When pregnancy tests are taken on the first day of your missed period, as long as you have a regular monthly cycle, they pick up pretty much 99 percent of pregnancies accurately,” explains Professor McClure. “If however, you test earlier than this, when levels of hCG are much lower, your results may be less accurate.”

How long does it take for hCG to show up in urine?

hCG levels can usually be detected in the urine about 10 days after conception.

How soon can Clearblue Digital detect pregnancy?

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test can be used as early as 5 days before the missed period (4 days before the expected period). The amount of pregnancy hormone increases rapidly in early pregnancy .

Which pregnancy test detects the earliest?

If you just can’t wait, the First Response Early Result test is what you want to grab. It’s the most sensitive over-the-counter pregnancy test, and can accurately tell you if you’re pregnant up to five days before your period is due.

How many weeks does clearblue go up to?

4. Read your results

How to interpret the results
Time since conception How your doctor will date your pregnancy (based on a 28 day cycle)
Your result is Not Pregnant
Your result is Pregnant and you conceived approximately 1- 2 weeks ago. 3-4 weeks
Your result is Pregnant and you conceived approximately 2- 3 weeks ago. 4-5 weeks
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How long does it take for hCG to reach 25 mIU?

A newly pregnant woman will have around 25 mIU of hCG at 10 days past ovulation , 50 mIU at 12 days past ovulation and 100 mIU at around two weeks past ovulation . The “earliest” pregnancy tests available are calibrated to detect hCG at the 20 mlU/ml level.

What is the average hCG level at 3 weeks?

Standard hCG levels

Pregnancy week Standard hCG range
3 weeks 5–50 mIU/mL
4 weeks 5–426 mIU/mL
5 weeks 18–7,340 mIU/mL
6 weeks 1,080–56,500 mIU/mL

Does Clearblue Digital give false positives?

More sensitive tests, like Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test will detect the presence of hCG from five days before your missed period (which is four days before you expect your period). Because hCG is usually only present in your body when you’re pregnant, false positive results are incredibly rare.

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