How to program digital timer

How to program digital timer

How do you program a woods timer?

To Program the Timer : Press the MINUTE and HOUR buttons as necessary to set the ON time you want. To change from AM to PM toggle 12 times. Press the DAY button as necessary to choose the day or group of days you want for the time setting. Press the PROG button again to display the second ON/OFF setting “1 OFF —“.

How do you set a hyper tough timer?

Simply plug the timer into the outlet and attach the appliance’s power plug. The timer is programmable with 30-minute intervals; push pins down to set desire ‘ON’ times and pull pins up to set ‘OFF’ times. The pins are easy to use and built-in for convenience.

How do I reset my digital timer?

To reset all programmed settings on the timer outlet, press the manufacturer reset button (R). The reset is complete when all digits show up on the screen.

How do you program a 7 day electronic timer?

INITIAL OPERATION Plug the timer into a regular 250 Volts power outlet and turn the power on. Leave for approximately 14 hours to charge the Memory Back-up battery. 2. Clear all current information by pressing RESET button with a sharp object such as a pen or pencil after charging.

How do I set my HPM digital timer?

Step 1: Press and hold the SET button until the day shown on the LCD flashes. Step 2: Use the and buttons to select the day of the week. When correct, press SET to confirm the selection. The hour figure on the display will flash.

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