Internet Marketing

Once your website is nicely designed, developed and uploaded, you now need to give a shout to the world drawing their attention to your website. In other words, you need the tools of internet marketing to attract the attention of the people from the specified segment to visit your website. At the same time, you would also like to generally increase traffic to your website.

Thus Internet marketing is the promotion of your company’s product and services over the internet. This includes search engine optimization (SEO), search engine maketing (SEM), social media optimization(SMO), social media marketing(SMM),email marketing, inbound marketing, mobile advertising, display advertising and more. 

For example, search engine optimization involves utilizing several methods to improve your placement in search engine results.

A properly planned Internet marketing strategy which is consistently executed over a period of time can give your company several advantages. This plan will methodically describe the use of resources in a manner to maximize your return on investment.


What can Design Brand India do for you

To be successful in internet marketing, Design Brand India can work on your specific requirements and end goals to create a strategic plan based upon your company’s products, services, target customers, prospective employees, vendors etc. and available resources. 

With properly created landing pages, activities are executed to draw traffic and then to convert traffic into actionable sales leads. Successful internet marketing can create these conversions more quickly and economically than other forms of advertising. 

Our SEO experts will identify a set of most important key words so that your customers can easily find you using the search keywords that are relevant for the services and/or products that you offer. This means we will submit your main keywords to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Also, we can more effectively and affordably measure the results of the campaigns. Technology let us trace, test or measure almost every aspect of internet marketing. This allows for more effective tuning of the internet marketing campaign. 

Contact us now and we shall create for you a strategic internet marketing plan, consisting of: