Software Development

Design Brand India is a company that customizes software applications and specializes in various domains such as client-server and internet/intranet software application development as well as custom programming and database design. We continue to maintain the highest quality of standards available at every stage of the development process.

Our primary areas of expertise:
software development

1. Web and Desktop Application Development

Business application development is our core competence. Our Microsoft certified developers will handle your entire project lifecycle: from requirements analysis to QA and server deployment.

We offer Custom development of Windows and Unix applications, distributed, multi-tier, client/server solutions.

2. Development of SMS / GPRS applications

This includes premium-rate SMS, applications for mobile devices and WAP applications.

3. Web Application Development

Design and development of corporate and complex information portals, web sites, ecommerce systems.

4. Multi-Vertical Development

Our software development includes a list of applications to include Cloud softwares, ERP, CRM, autocad applications, large scale ecommerce applications, Business Management Systems and SAAS, IAAS and business products development.

In addition we offer the following services:


  • Database design & development;
  • Third party testing, usability testing for application and web sites;
  • Consulting and problem solving;
  • Some of the specific areas of development where we posses advanced expertise include complex Internet-based solutions, websites and ecommerce applications, desktop software and SMS management applications.

Contact us for a quote and we will be pleased to produce a proposal providing our analysis of the assignment, time requirements and budget.