Summer camp marketing plan

Summer camp marketing plan

How do you market a summer camp?

Focus on Building a Great Website. Tight Budget or Timeline? Get a Theme Design. Give Your Summer Camps Their Own Brand. Sell the Value of Your Programs. Promote it in Google Search or on Social Media. Segment Summer Camp Program Information. Have an FAQs Page. Add Social Proof.

How do I raise my summer camp enrollment?

How to Increase Summer Camp Enrollment : A Complete Guide Improve your summer camp retention rates. Streamline your summer camp registration process. Inspire confidence in your summer camp enrollment process. Communicate with parents about summer camp enrollment . Highlight your camp’s unique features prior to summer camp enrollment .

What activities can be done in summer camp?

Check out these cool activities that will help keep your kids entertained while inside. Set Up A DIY Laser Maze. Plan A Game of Indoor Bowling. Play Indoor Tape Games . Have an Indoor Scavenger Hunt. Get Playful with Balloon Tennis. Make Your Own Circus Ring Toss. Build Your Own Indoor Golf Course.

What makes a good summer camp counselor?

7 Great Qualities for a Camp Counselor to Have Great communication skills. A good camp counselor should have excellent communication skills. Patience. It’s obvious that summer camp counselors love being around kids. Compassion. Compassion and kindness are necessary qualities for a good camp counselor . Positive energy. Creativity. Initiative. Selflessness.

How do you recruit a camper?

the following steps to recruit new campers . Pre-marketing plan – Have a good camp! Tip #1: Focus on Word-of-Mouth promotions. Tip #2: Be methodical, have a plan! Tip #3: Track your results! Tip #4: The power of the press – releases & feature articles. Tip #5: Spend money for professional results.

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Is owning a summer camp profitable?

In general, day camps were more profitable and had higher profit margins than resident camps . In general, for- profit camps demonstrated the highest profitability . Independent nonprofit day camps (17 percent) and for- profit resident camps (10 percent) showed the greatest profit margins.

What is the average cost of a summer camp?

Prices can start at less than $100 per week and go up to $500 or more per week, according to the American Camp Association (ACA). The average cost of a week-long ACA-accredited day camp is $314 .

How much do summer camp owners make?

The average camp’s gross revenue in 2014 was $1.28 million with overnight camps realizing the highest revenues ($1.42 million) followed by rentals ($1.30 million) and day camps ($1 million). Summer Youth Camp Registration Fees.

What are some fun activities?

52 Fun Activities For All Ages: Don’t Let Age Stop You From Having Fun ! ‍ Try a new restaurant, with a fun spin! Go lumberjack for the evening‍ Go to outdoor group fitness class. Plan a picnic in the park. Enjoy a hiking adventure. Go Paddleboarding. Take a sailing lesson. Community service.

How can I make summer fun at home?

40 Free & Fun Things to Do This Summer Find or make a walking tour of a city. Go for a solitary hike — anywhere. Host a virtual movie night. Photography challenges. Forage for free food — and make a recipe with it! Paddle or swim your way around a local waterway. Read in a hammock. Plan a creative picnic.

What do 12 year olds like to do?

101 exciting things to do with kids ages 9- 12 Set up easels and paint pictures outdoors. Visit your local science museum. Learn how to knot friendship bracelets. Go to a coffee shop and write poetry. Put on an impromptu play. Put together a scavenger hunt. Bake a loaf of homemade bread. Build and launch a model rocket.

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How can I be a fun camp counselor?

10 WAYS TO BE A GREAT CAMP COUNSELOR . Make sure each camper in your group gets your attention. Bring the group together through icebreakers, conversation and team-building. Don’t discount others’ feelings or concerns. If a camper seems disconnected, engage them. Always have an alternative to the special snack.

How much does a camp counselor make in a summer?

Median salaries for many seasonal employees at day camps are higher than at resident camps. Counselors at day camps received a median wage of $306 per week compared to $235 per week at resident camps. Waterfront directors received, on average, $560 per week compared to $350 per week at resident camps.

What skills should a camp counselor have?

With that in mind, the following is a list of the top 10 skills that I feel you need to be a good camp counselor. You must like kids . Be a good role model. Leadership . Have patience . Communication skills . Problem solving . Stamina . Be fair.

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