IVR Solutions

We analyze your requirements and offer customized solutions addressing any problems you face. For this we custom develop IVR (Interactive Virtual Receptionist) software solutions that help your business reach new markets and horizons to engage your customers.


We Offer

IVR platform

We can setup your own IVR platform where you can host your own services. 


IVR Software Development

ivr solutions

Our team of experts can design, develop and maintain IVR software solutions according to your business and its categorical requirements. We strictly adhere to industry standards and have successfully managed to increase these standards by providing the best  and most competitive solutions in the market. Our company’s team consists of Designers, VAS Consultants, Usability Experts, Creative Programmers as well as Telecom Industry Experts that have more than 5 years atleast of experience in handling IVR solutions.


Easy customization and updation

You can make routine updates to your IVR phone system, like operating hours and holidays. Using an easy, menu-driven interface, make immediate changes to your operating hours, and your system will notify callers appropriately.


The benefits

  • Can be integrated with popular CRM software
  • Automated Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech 
  • Serve all your locations with one IVR Application
  • Automatically call back customers who don’t want to wait
  • Quick and easy to modify operating hours and holidays
  • Easy to make changes